The following are a list of the Committees of Council:

Public Works
Deputy Mayor Paul Dinn (Chair)
Councillor Debbie Quilty
Finance and Administration
Councillor Debbie Quilty (Chair)
Deputy Mayor Paul Dinn
Councillor Elizabeth Laurie (Chair)
Councillor Patrick Martin
Councillor Vince Burton(Chair)
Councillor Elizabeth Laurie

Economic Development
Mayor Dan Bobbett

Emergency & Protective Services
Councillor Sterling Willis (Chair)
Councillor Vince Burton
Park Development & Beautification
Councillor Elizabeth Laurie (Chair)
Councillor Vince Burton

War Memorial
Councillor Debbie Quilty

Members of Council also represent the Town on other external committees including:

  •  Urban Municipalities Committee
  •  Northeast Avalon Joint Councils
  •  Peter Barry Duff Memorial Park
  •  Youth Committee
  •  SunSplash - Paddle in Paradise Committee
  •  Environment Committee
  •  Community Policing
  •  Snow & Ice (Winter Carnival) / Awards Night
  •  War Memorial Committee
  •  Visions Employment
  •  St. John’s Regional Water
  •  Grand Concourse Authority - Johnson Foundation