Town Directory



Cumby, Rodney Chief Administrative Officer 782-1400
Pretty, Marie Executive Administrator 782-3591

Corporate Services

Smith, Terrilynn Director of Corporate Services 782-3559
Swantee, Janis Controller 782-3576
Wells, Peter Accounts Manager 782-1400
Browne, Karen Manager of Human Resources 782-1400
Ridgeley, Marie Safety & Training Coordiator 782-8045
Martin, Lee Network Administrator 782-3803
Martin, Chris Accounting Clerk 782-1281
Roberts, Lana Accounting Clerk 782-1291
Shaw, Donna Accounting Clerk 782-3179
Butler, Judith Accounting Clerk 782-1400
Butler, Sarah Accounting Clerk 782-1400

Butler, Barb

Hemeon, Tess

Assistant Town Clerk

Communications Assistant



Mews, Judy Receptionist 782-1400

Planning & Protective Services

Planning & Development
Glenn, Alton Director - Planning and Protective Services 782-3558
Dean, Lorelei Manager of Development Services 782-1400
Slade, Jason Development Technician 782-1400
Saunders, Keith Development Technician 782-1400
Cashin, Ann-Marie Planner 782-1400
Hindy, Glenda Administrative Assistant 782-1604
Building Inspection
Toope, Shannon Senior Building Inspector 782-1400
Morris, Dave Building Inspector 782-1400
Coffey, Arthur Building Inspector 782-1400
  Building Inspector 782-1400  
Piercey, Robbi Administrative Support 782-1598
Municipal Enforcement
Batten, Steve Senior Municipal Enforcement Officer 782-1362
Curtis, Cliff Municipal Enforcement Officer 782-1362

Engineering & Public Works

Fleming, Ron Director of Public Works and Engineering 782-1400
Barry, Vanessa Manager of Engineering Services 782-3582
MacIsaac, Leon Manager of Operations and Public Works 782-1400
Myers, Clarence Foreman- Water/Sewer-Environmental Services 782-1400
Tobin, Brian Foreman - Transportation Services 782-1400

Whelan, Nelson

Foreman - Transportation Services 782-1400
Young, Jerry Construction Inspector 782-1400
Dredge, Brian Construction Inspector 782-1400
Sharpe, Stephen Waste Management Coordinator 782-3577
Hannebury, Claudine Administrative Assistant 782-1400

Recreation & Leisure Services

Freake, Conrad Director of Recreation & Leisure Services 782-3139
Hann, Natasha
Manager of Recreation & Leisure Services  

Shallow, Doug Coordinator of Recreation Development 782-3580
Farrell, Gerard Recreation Facilities Maintenance 782-1400
Silver, Pat Recreation Technician, Special Events 782-3570
Edwards, Clinton Recreation Technician, Fitness Programs 782-3515
McDonald, Melissa Recreation Technician, Child & Family Services 782-3516
Young, Nicole Recreation Technician, Youth Programs 782-3518
Squire, Brendan Recreation Worker 782-6290
Bannister, Adam Recreation Worker 782-6290

Walsh, Melissa

Recreation Worker


Darcy, Kevin Recreation Worker 782-6290
Rees, Andrew Recreation Worker 782-6290
Richards, Angelina Reception 782-6290

Spracklin, Kate

Corbett, Andrea

Milley, Julie

Slaney, Julie


Recreation Worker

Recreation Worker

Recreation Worker